“OR” System

The “OR” SYSTEM was developed expressly for the transport of concrete and is especially suitable for pipe line.

Specific Requirements

Product Description

Straight version
Sizes from DN 100 (4″) to DN 200 (8″).


Conic version
Sizes from DN 25 (1″) to DN 200 (8″).

* Connecting System Code


  • Pipe ends have a male and female collar and are joined together with a lever, bolt or wedge coupling; the seal is effected by means of a type O-Ring gasket.
  • The special characteristics of this system are:
    • ease and speed of assembly;
    • long life for the gasket which remains protected in its own seat;
    • excellent resistance to pressure due to both the couplings strength and the better seal of the O-Ring gaskets.

These characteristics, typical of the STRAIGHT “OR” SYSTEM, are even more evident in the CONIC version, where the centring on the collars aids the alignment and the locking of the pipes, which at the same time prevents the extrusion of the gaskets at very high pressures.