Set – 3DCP Equipment

3D Concrete Printing Equipment

3D Concrete Printing is a new technique for concrete casting technology. By pumping and layering specialized concrete material onto each other, complex structure can be cast and cured quickly. Compare to traditional concrete casting method, 3D concrete printing eliminates mold and frameworks, resulting in reduced wastage of resources and increase cost effectiveness.

Teka TPZ Planetary Mixer photo picture open

TEKA Concrete Mixer

TEKA provides lineups of batch concrete mixer from 250L to 5250L, including pan mixer, twin shaft and planetary mixer. TEKA mixers provide homogeneous and thorough dry mixing quality, ensuring no chunks or inconsistency that may affect printing quality.

MAI Multimix-3D

An all-in-one grout machine that’s specially designed for 3D printing. The Multimix-3D’s computer controlled mixing & water injection system allows it to achieve the most consistent mixing and pumping quality. The stainless steel and modular design also allow it to be maintained easily.

MAI 2Pump Pictor

Easy to use and compact, the Pictor is the essential grout pump. It allows small scale prints to be completed quickly, while keeping its operation simple. Similar to its sibling, the Multimix-3D, it is built with maintenance and modularity in mind.

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