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Providing an innovative Solution to handle sand and mortar mixes which cannot be handled by discharged pumps The MortarMaster series provides conveniences in mixing and pumping equipment to projects.

Specific Requirements

Product Description

MortarMaster VSE 500

MortarMaster VSE 500

Ideal choice for the mixing and conveying of materials, even dry types which cannot be pumped by discharged pumps. The VSE500 has proven itself to be the most time and cost saving machinery that replaces crane transport and reduce manpower in the handling of:

  • Floor Screed
  • Chipping concrete
  • Sand (wet/dry)

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Technical Data:

VSE 500
Electrical Motor(kW):                   18.5Dimension: (LxWxH)  2600 x 1300 x 1250
Conveying Distance(m):              200*Weight(kg)                     1125
Conveying Height (m):                 150*Conveying capacity: (m3/hour)      8*
Compressor Volume (Req.):        185-375Maximum Grain Size: (mm)             10*
Compressor Pressure (Bar):        7


Ideal when access to work site is difficult:

The VSE 500 is most suitable for mixing and pumping materials to difficult to reach locations. Reduces workers load and time needed for material transportation. The VSE 500 can help to increase job site efficiency by more than 100%.

Best of Both Worlds: Mix & Pump

Built in mixer ensures well mixing of the materials before pneumatically pumping the materials to its intended destination.


How It Works:

1 · Operators input required materials into the VSE500. Single shift shaft mixer gives material a good mix -vertical
2 · The mixed materials can be delivered through the conveying line to its intended destination or horizontal.
3 · The materials will be conveyed to the desired designation without any hassle.
Basic technical data:
Pressure vessel volume500 liters
Technical output10 m/h
Grain sizemax. 32mm
Transport distancehorizontally 100 m; vertically 40 m
Electric motor power18 kW
Working overpressure into wessel0,8 MPa
Voltage systemAC Three Phase 400V, 50Hz

Dimensions :


Air Source Requirements:

Technical output360 m3/h
Nominal overpressure0,8 MPa (8 bar)

**Technical Specification Subject to changes without prior notice.

MortarMaster Forced Action Mixer

Provides homogeneous on-site mixing for concrete and mortar mixtures. Discharge height can be customized and fitted with wheels for mobility. MortarMaster pan mixers comes in 80, 100, 120, 200 and 300 litres. More sizes available upon request.


Technical specification 
Electric Motor (kW)240/110240/110240/110400/110400
Adjustable Height (cm)109-127109-127117-127128-138120-140
Drum Width/Depth (cm)
Weight (kg)8898105175281

MortarMaster CM40V


Electrical driven high quality conveying pump. Flow rate variation allows the CM40V to handle various jobs such as grouting & spray applications. Simple to operate and easy maintenance.

· Protective grill with integral safety switch folds open for maintenance and cleaning
· Variable flow rate for greater control
· Low hopper height for easy material loading
· Flexible and used in a host of applications


Technical specificationDimensions
Hopper capacity40 lLength1350 mm
Performance10 – 45 l/minWidth500 mm
Delivery distancemax. 60 mHeight730 mm
Max Pressure
20 barsWeight110 kg
Max Grain Size6 mm
Electrical Motor

MortarMaster Plastering Pump


Assurance of perfect processing of dry plaster mixers, with a reliable system consisting of feed wheel, continual precise water dosing, screw pump and compressor that guarantee stable quality of plaster mix application.

Perfect processing of dry plaster mixes with a gypsum, lime and cement base is assured by the plastering machine MS100. A reliable system of mix delivery by means of a feed wheel, continual precise water dosing, a proven screw pump and an adequately rated compressor all guarantee stable quality of a plaster mix applied to a certain spot. In addition to the standard use of pre-packed mix bags, the machine can be also fitted with an automatic feeder for the continuous supply of mixture from the machine’s material bin to the hopper. The variability of pumps usable with the MS100 provides for optimum processing of any type of plaster pre-mixed with this machine.

Technical specificationDimensions
Hopper capacity100 lLength1540 mm
Max Grain4 mmWidth731 mm
Max Pressure
30 barHeight965 mm
Output20 – 25 l/minWeight268 kg