Wire Reinforced Hoses

  • Resistance to pressure
  • Lightness
  • Flexibility and manageability
  • Resistance to wear
  • Sizes: from DN 50 (2″) to DN 150 (6″); other sizes on request.
  • Burst pressure: 120 – 160 – 200 bar.
  • Length: according to the customer’s specification.
  • The rubber hoses are equipped with pressed fittings, complete with all types of collars.

Specific Requirements

Product Description

Throughout the years, experience has taught everyone, manufacturers and users alike, that confronted with increasingly powerful machines, with longer and longer booms, it is no longer sufficient to use just any hose. Rather, it is necessary to equip the machine with a completely reliable component that will respond to very specific needs.

Our wire reinforced hoses allows us to reconcile the lightness and flexibility of the hose itself; besides the special rubber inner liner, designed to resist abrasion caused by concrete, ensures long life for the hose.