Chemgrout Versatile Grout System Mixer and Pump

CG500 Versatile Series Grout System

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The CG-500 Series are balanced systems that enable high volume production and continuous mixing for a broad range of applications.

Product Description

  • For grouting tunnels, shafts, dams, mines, void filling, tiebacks, piling encasements, rock grouting & wells.
  • Mixes & pumps neat cement or cement/sand grouts. Mixing & pumping all on one skid for fast mobilization.
  • Maximum output 76 lpm. Maximum pressure 18 Bar.
  • Two 265 liter mixing tanks & a 57 liter holding hopper allows continuous production.
  • Electrical/ Hydraulic powered.

Versatile Series – High Output, Continuous Operation

Highly versatile, the CG-500 handles a broad range of grouting applications including tunnels, shafts, dams, plant maintenance and geotechnical works. The unique twin mix tank design permits continuous pumping as each tank alternates feeding the hopper. This non-stop pumping process maximizes the batching of materials such as neat cement, sand/cement, bentonite, and most commercial pre-bagged grouts. Two high-capacity 265L mixing tanks, pump, and 57L holding hopper are all mounted on a single skid for quick, easy set-up and immediate operation. The holding hopper includes an internal auger that keeps the material thoroughly mixed while supplying the pump. The open throat grout pump features a non-pulsating positive displacement rotor-stator that provides a constant discharge of materials. This progressing cavity pump is variable speed with an output of up to 76 lpm with a standard maximum pressure of 18 bar.

Applications include:

Soil compaction, rock grouting, void-filling, waterproofing, soil anchors, cable bolts, rock bolts, well encasements, contact grouting, well abandonment, marine/underwater, post tensioning, precast, machine base installation, self-leveling floor underlayments, slab undersealing and slabjacking.


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