A Series Concrete/Shotcrete Pump

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The ” ROCKMASTER” series providers the ultimate savings and productivity to job sites. With its adjustable stroke control,  concrete output can be varied covering concrete and shotcrete applications.


Product Description

REED A Series “Rockmaster” Pumps Feature…

Best Value on the Market! REED’s Economical A Series Concrete Pumps (A30, A30HP, A40HP) offer the best horsepower, output volume, and concrete pressure for the price.

Premium pump in its class, built with the same leading edge engineering as our top-of-the line pumps. The Rockmaster delivers outstanding long term value for the money by virtue of its reliability, toughness, ease of use, durability and pumping power.
The Rockmaster is powered by a 82hp(61kW) continuous duty diesel engine. This best-in-class power is the basis for the pump;s versatility It can be used to pump rough concrete mixes as well as shortcrete. (A40HP is recommended for higher pressure applications).
The Rockmaster features an “Open Loop” hydraulic system, a large fuel tank, and REED’s can bus solid state cycle control.

Standard Features:

  • Powerful 82hp (61kW) diesel engine(continuous duty)
  • Variable Displacement Piston Hydraulic Pump (A30HP and A40HP models)
  • Gear Pump (A30 model)
  • Heavy-duty “S” Valve
  • Lightweight
  • REED Can-Bus Solid State Electric system
  • Chromed concrete cylinders for long service life
  • Easy change Piston Cups
  • High-Strength frame design
  • Only 4 hydraulic hose groups(8 hoses total)
  • Adjustable tongue jack
  • Fuel Filters ( Pre-filter with water separator and spin off primary filter.


  • Big Rock
  • Grout
  • Pea Gravel
  • Shotcrete
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Ponds & Spas
  • Slabs
  • Rockscaping
  • Mines
  • Backfill
  • Foundations
  • Pressure Grouting



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)


Concrete Output  (m³/hr)Concrete Pressure (Bar)Horizontal Pumping distance    (m)Vertical Pumping distance
Perkins Diesel Engine (kW)Main Hydraulic PumpConcrete Cylinder Diameter  (mm)Stroke  Length   (mm)
2362274*107*61Gear pump127762


Maximum Aggregate Size
Hopper Capacity (liters)Hopper Height
Hydraulic Oil Capacity (liters)Fuel Capacity (liters)

Outlet size (mm)

Weight(Approx.)  (Kg)


Concrete Output  (m³/hr)Concrete Pressure (Bar)Horizontal Pumping distance
Vertical Pumping distance

Perkins Diesel Engine

Main Hydraulic Pump

Concrete Cylinder Diameter  (mm)

Stroke  Length (mm)
2362274*107*6171cc Variable   displacement127762


Maximum Aggregate Size
Hopper Capacity (liters)Hopper Height
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
Fuel Capacity
Outlet size (mm)Weight(Approx.)  (Kg)


Concrete Output  (m³/hr)Concrete Pressure (Bar)Horizontal Pumping distance (m)Vertical Pumping distance (m)Perkins Diesel Engine
Main Hydraulic PumpConcrete Cylinder Diameter

Stroke  Length

3181297*122*61100cc Variable   displacement152 762


Maximum Aggregate Size    (mm)Hopper Capacity (liters)Hopper Height  (mm)Hydraulic Oil Capacity (liters)Fuel Capacity (liters)Outlet size (mm)Weight(Approx.)  (Kg)

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