Concrete Pump Pipes And Accessories

Ready Available of high wear and tear parts for its Concrete Pump users

ACME has a department specializing in the supply of Concrete Pump Pipes and Accessories. This ensures ready available of high wear and tear parts for its Concrete Pump users. All pipes and accessories are imported from Europe and all pipes having quality of ST52 grade and are able to withstand high wear and tear in order to provide a durable life span.

Nozzles and Spray guns

ACME produces various models of shot-crete nozzles complete with hardened fittings for longer wear.
The housings are made of plastic or aluminium to reduce weight.These nozzles are widely used for many applications including pools,  decoration and refractory uses.

Cleaning Items

The problem of cleaning pipes is often neglected or underestimated. Instead it is very important to ensure that pipes are thoroughly cleaned after pumping so as to ensure that blocking does not occur in the pump caused by hardened concrete residues, or at least to avoid difficulty in the movement of the concrete in the pipes.


The couplings are used to connect concrete pipes.
ACME produces the largest range of couplings in drop-forged steel, suitable for the different connecting systems used on the market.


For the transport of concrete, straight steel pipes of various lengths and thicknesses are used.
Rubber hoses and steel bends may be inserted along the pumping line, which make it possible to avoid obstacles and to overcome differences in levels, up to the point of discharge.

In order to meet practical requirements and provide for fast assembly when connecting the pipes for concrete, special couplings are used to close the ends of the pipes which are fitted with particular collars.
According to the type of gasket assuring the seal, we can distinguish two main connection systems:

Steel Pipes ST52 Grade

The ever present need to adapt the characteristics of the components of the pipeline to the increasingly demanding performance of concrete pumps, has given ACME the opportunity to prepare a wide range of piping over the years, suitable to satisfy a range of situations.

The correct choice of the various components must be made on each occasion, according to the type of work to be carried out.
As always, it is necessary to seek the correct balance between performance and economy, without compromising the security of the pumping line.

Rubber Hoses

If the problem of wear in steel pipes and bends has assumed great importance, it does not deserve less attention concerning rubber hoses for the transport of concrete.

In a pumping line a rubber hose may be used at various points according to the type of pump. With some old machines it is used as the connection between the pump and the boom and in the articulation of the boom itself; sometimes it may be used as an intermediate pipe along a ground line; in any case, in all machines it is used as the end hose.
There are various types of rubber hose for concrete, for low, medium and high pressure, which may be classified into different groups:

Shut-Off Valve

In pipelines for concrete, as in other conduits for water and air, some time is necessary to put valves along the line to shut-off or divert the flow in two or more directions. Acme offers a wide range of valves, suitable for the various needs of the construction site:


We produce various types of support for Concrete Pipelines, suitable for different applications.


Wear in the bends of concrete pumps is a constant source of worry for the user due to the high costs that result from it: spare bends, labour costs for assembly and dismantling, production time lost, etc.
Thus the need to find more efficient methods of prolonging the life of the bends themselves.
We have examined these needs closely and have developed a vast choice for both the user and the most sensitive manufacturer.

We can offer bends of different types, radii and quality:

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